Zamil Group and its Affiliated companies

 About Zamil Group

Zamil Group Holding Company is a global investment company with diverse interests and capabilities. Across the continents we provide innovative, high quality and price competitive products and services as well as investment opportunities for investors, partners and stakeholders in the industrial, petrochemicals and services sectors.

Our range of products and services is expansive and spans air-conditioning manufacturing to architectural glass processing, plastics to steel fabrication and paints and cranes to heavy process equipment. We are also engaged in shipbuilding and repair, port operations and maintenance, petrochemicals and chemicals, industrial investment and general construction.
The energy driving our more than 60 sector businesses is our 12,000-strong workforce in more than 60 countries, vast manufacturing facilities and strong affiliations with numerous international partners

Zamil Group has always been a pioneer and a leader within the business community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With a carefully planned and actively implemented entrepreneurial and diversification strategy we have capitalized upon the Kingdom’s favorable economic conditions and the government’s support for the private sector, to harness new and promising opportunities made possible by the availability of natural hydro carbon resources.

Zamil Group began investing in the plastics industry nearly three decades ago. Our strategic path heralded our entry into capital intensive chemical and petrochemical projects in the early 1990s. These continue to provide rewarding growth opportunities.

Zamil Group continues to build successful ventures with technology and market leaders, as well as with regional private companies. Our expertise, experience and strengths ensure we are well placed to continue offering our partners very exciting investment prospects.

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 About Zamil Industrial
 About Zamil Industrial founded in 1998 and headquartered in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, Zamil Industrial Investment Company (Zamil Industrial) is a leading manufacturing and fabrication group that provides products, engineering systems and services for the construction industry. Its product portfolio includes pre-engineered steel buildings (PEB), structural steel products, air conditioning systems, air cooled heat exchangers, district cooling and utility services, process equipment, transmission and telecom towers, open web joists and steel decks, process furnaces products, aerated and precast concrete products, architectural glass processing, fiberglass insulation and engineered plastic foams solutions.

The company sells its products in more than 90 countries with manufacturing facilities in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Austria, India, Vietnam and Italy.

Zamil Industrial employs more than 10,000 people in 55 countries and derives 30% of its revenues from outside Saudi Arabia.

Zamil Industrial shares are actively traded on the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul).

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 About Zamil Air Conditioners
Zamil Air Conditioners - founded in 1974 as pioneer in the Saudi Arabian air conditioning industry, the company has expanded over the past three decades to become a leading international manufacturer of air conditioning systems and is currently the Number One producer in the Middle East. Zamil Air Conditioners designs, manufactures, tests, markets and services a comprehensive range of air conditioning products, from compact room air conditioners and mini splits to large scale central air conditioners, chillers and air handling units for highly specialized commercial and industrial applications. The company's products and services are marketed under various brand names – Classic, Cooline, CoolCare, Clima Tech and Geoclima – depending on the specific market. Zamil Air Conditioners factories are located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, Italy and India.

Zamil Air Conditioners is also involved in the production of branded air conditioners for several leading international manufacturers under Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreements.

Zamil Air Conditioners has launched vigorous initiatives resulting in movement into a variety of new markets, the formation of strategic alliances and robust investments in the company’s extensive R&D department.

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 About Zamil Steel Industries
Founded in 1977, Zamil Steel (ZS) is a global leader in the manufacture of pre-engineered steel buildings and the Middle East’s premier supplier of structural steel products and process equipment, transmission and telecommunications towers. Zamil steel operates a joint venture between Zamil Industrial and Steel Plus, a subsidiary of Canam Group, Canada, called Canam Asia Ltd. (CAL), to design and fabricate open web steel joists and roof and floor steel decks.

Zamil Steel manufactures a total 250,000 MT of fabricated steel per annum of low rise and high rise steel buildings and structures for diverse industrial, commercial, agriculture, aviation, entertainment and military applications and support of infrastructure and development projects. Zamil Steel’s products are sold in more than 80 countries through an international network of dedicated sales and representative offices, certified builders, agents and distributors. 

Zamil Steel’s main factories are based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Additional factories are located in Egypt, Vietnam and Ras Al Khaima (UAE). More than 600 engineers are employed in its engineering departments in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Vietnam and India. 

Zamil Steel is one of four sector businesses of Zamil Industrial.

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 About Zamil Glass Industries
Zamil Glass was founded in 1983 in Dammam First Industrial City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a prominent processor of architectural glass, including tempered, heat strengthened, laminated, insulating, heat mirror high performance and fire resistant glass. ZGI's products serve the requirements of the construction industry in GCC countries and in selected international markets. 

Zamil Glass is one of four sector businesses of Zamil Industrial.  

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 About Arabian Fiberglass Insulation Co. Ltd
Arabian Fiberglass Insulation Co. Ltd. (AFICO) manufactures premium quality glass wool insulation products for industrial and commercial applications. It is also the only manufacturer of fiberglass insulation products in Saudi Arabia.
AFICO is a joint venture between Zamil Industrial and Owens Corning, USA, the world leader in the technology of manufacturing fiberglass products. Zamil Industrial holds a 51 per cent stake in the company, after acquiring it from Saudi Arabian Amiantit Group in January 2006, with Owens Corning holding the remaining 49 per cent.
Under license from Owens Corning and utilizing its technical specifications, AFICO’s premium quality products and services are comparable with those of its counterparts in the United States and Europe. AFICO’s leadership in the markets it serves is also based on its expertise gained through more than 25 years of successful operations.  

The company was established in 1981 with headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Dammam First Industrial City in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Sales offices in Dammam, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dubai and Beirut and strategic business alliances with competent distributors across various international markets serve customers throughout all six Gulf Cooperation Council countries, the wider Middle East and Far East region. 

AFICO is one of four sector businesses of Zamil Industrial.

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 About Building Component Solutions
Building Component Solutions LLC (BCOMS), a unit of Zamil Industrial Investment Company was established in 2008. BCOMS scope is the manufacturing and supply of construction products and building envelope material.

BCOMS scope of supply includes the design and supply the building envelope ranging from the Roof sheeting & Wall cladding (Sandwich and Single skin panels), Cold formed secondary members, Insulation to all standard and customized Trims, Closures and various building accessories.
BCOMS sandwich Panel is a composite panel consisting of two skins and a polyurethane core. The exposed outer skin is roll formed from steel or aluminium coils, and the inner skin is made up of the same material in addition to an Aluminium foil option or a combination of Aluminium and steel material for the two skins.The outer and inner skins, in case of steel and aluminium coils, are available in different profiles, thickness, coatings and colours to suit the different requirements and exposure conditions in addition to the aesthetic look of the building. The polyurethane core consists of sprayed polyurethane foam (PUR) or the fire rated polyisocyanurate foam (PIR) with an average density of 38-40 kg/m3.
BCOMS is a member of the Eco Commercial Building Program with Bayer Material Service for the supply of green products to ecological buildings in the Middle East.

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