Insulated “Sandwich” Panels
In the past 20 years, end-users, contractors and consultants have become increasingly aware of the losses associated with thermal transmission.

Zamil Steel’s (Roof & Wall) sandwich Panels are the ultimate solution. It is a composite panel consisting of two skins and a polyurethane core. The exposed outer skin is roll formed from steel or aluminum coils, where the inner skin is made up of the same material in addition to an Aluminum foil option. The outer and inner skins, in case of steel and aluminum coils, are available in different profiles, thickness, coatings and colors to suit the different requirements and exposure conditions in addition to the aesthetic look of the building. The polyurethane core consists of sprayed polyurethane foam (PUR) or the fire retardant polyisocyanurate foam (PIR) with an average density of 38-40 kg/m3.

The thermal Properties of the panels shown in this brochure are based on the average foam thickness, i.e: excluding the ribs of the corrugation and the contribution of the outer and inner skin.

The continual production on double conveyor-belt process adopted by Zamil Steel is considered as the most innovative process for manufacturing sandwich panels nowadays. The continual production process ensures the best mechanical properties of the insulation due to the strong adhesion of the foaming reaction mixture to both layers of the panel under the influence of heat and free-rise foaming pressure in addition to a considerably higher bending resistance.

Our annual production capacity is more than 1,500,000 m2 of sprayed Polyurethane foam sandwich panels complying with the international standards and norms. The panels foam core thickness ranges from 30 mm to 100 mm with steel or Aluminum skins on both sides in addition to the possibility of providing Aluminum foil film for the inner skin where the steel or Aluminum lining is not needed.
  • Our Sandwich Panels factory is located in 2nd Industrial City, Dammam Saudi Arabia.
  •  It's over all land area is 40,000 m2.
  • Built Up Production Area is 14,500 m2
  • Office Area is 1,100 m2

 Features and Applications of Sandwich panels
Salient Features of Sandwich panels:
  •  Excellent thermal insulating properties
  •  Cost-efficient processing
  •  Chemical and biological resistance
  •  Light weight and durable
  • Fast and easy to install
  •  Nice aesthetic features
  •  High intensity and large rigidity
  •  Non-water absorbent
  •  Cold and heat resistance
  •  Dimensional stability
  •  Environment friendly 
Application of Sandwich Panels:
  •  Factories
  •  Commercial Showrooms and Offices
  •  Warehouses, conventional Halls and Distribution Centers
  •  Aircraft Hangers and enclosed Sports Facilities
  •  Restaurants and Schools
  •  Airport Terminals
  •  Museums and Theaters
  •  Shopping Malls and Supermarkets/Hypermarkets
  •  Interior Wall Partitions 
 Features and Applications of Sandwich panels
Available Lengths:
Standard lengths range from 3.0 to 15.0 meters. Minimum lengths can start from 1.5 meters if the panels are cut flush without overlaps. It is recommended to limit the panel length to maximum 10.0 meters for better and safer handling on site.

 Classification of Zamil Steel Sandwich Panel

Tempcon sandwich panels are produced using rigid polyurethane foam core with external and internal sheet in steel or aluminum of varying thickness, coatings and colors. Tempcon is a durable sandwich panel, particularly in industrial buildings and are suitable for both roofs and walls of all building applications.

Dimensions and Thicknesses
Tempcon sandwich panels are available in a single outer profile type in both steel and aluminum with the combination of the below listed inner skin types; the insulating core can be produced in various thicknesses and thermal insulation values.

Thermal Properties

Temparch Sandwich panels are produced using rigid polyurethane foam core with external and internal sheet in steel or aluminum of varying thickness, and have a unique detail to conceal fasteners and therefore more suitable for walls & interior partitions in showrooms,hypermarkets,shopping malls,cold stores and commercial buildings.

Dimensions & Thicknesses 

Thermal Properties

 Material Specification for Sandwich Panels
Zamil Steel supply Sandwich panels & Single Skin for Roof & Wall sheeting in two different base metals i.e Steel and Aluminum.
Steel Panels
Steel Panels are available in nominal skin thickness of 0.5mm & 0.7mm in Zincalume & Galvanized primer coating. Zincalume steel panels confirm to ASTM A 792M GRADE345B.
This panels are coated with corrosion resistant Zinc-Aluminum alloy metallic coating AZM150 through a continuous hot-dip process.
Galvanized steel panels confirms to ASTM A653M Grade B (LFQ) with metallic coating Z275 (G90) through a continuous hot-dip process.
Steel base metal is used for single skin panels and for outer & inner skin of sandwich panels.
Aluminum Panels
Aluminum panel confirms to ASTM B 209M ALLOY 3003/3105(H26) and is available in nominal thickness of 0.5mm & 0.7mm.
Finish Coating of panels
Zamil Steel standard pre-painted panel is a Modified polyester polymer coated over Zincalume or Galvanized steel & Aluminum substrate. Nominal thickness of finish coating is 25 microns
of high durability modified polyester polymer applied on the exterior (weather) face and 5-7 microns of plain polyester applied on the interior face.
Panels with modified polyester polymer finish are stocked in all Zamil Steel standard colors.
Zamil Steel also offers high performance Polyvinylidene Fluoride well-known as PVF2 (equivalent to Kynar 500) coating applied over Zincalume or Galvanized steel. It is a Pre-Painted panel with nominal finish thickness 25 microns of Polyvinylidene Floride on the exterior (weather) face and 5-7 microns of plain polyester on the interior face.
This paint system provides more protection to the panel in terms of longer life and long-term color and gloss finish durability.
 Standard Colors Panel Chart
 Zamil Steel Sandwich Panels are readily available as per the below listed standard colors:

 (*) Please contact Zamil Steel Sales Offices for the specifications and prices of the metallic colors.
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