Building Components

Zamil Steel Buildings Vietnam Co., Ltd also launched our Component Sales to the market with the purpose to help customers to have more options of accessories for their new steel buildings and replacement of the old ones.

The components are designed and fabricated in accordance with Zamil Steel standards, with high quality, good appearance, durability, and diversification.

The list of available components is mentioned below for your reference.

Contact any of our sales offices for technical advice and to order at your convenience.

List of our available components:

  • Tempcon® Panel  by Zamil with standard colors
    Building Components& Accessories

    Building Components& Accessories

  • MaxSEAM® panel for new roof and re-roofing
  • Panel type “S” 0.5mm thick with five standard colors
  • Curved Panel with profile type “S”
  • Ridge Ventilator package and all accessories
  • Sliding Door and accessories
  • Roll-up Door
  • Personnel Door: Single, Double, and Pilot
  • Aluminum Window
  • Steel Louver
  • Steel Gutter, Downspout and its accessories
  • Decking Panel type “K”
    Building Components & Accessories

    Building Components & Accessories

  • Cold-Formed Section: Purlin, Girt, Base and Gable Angle
  • Connection Bolt, Nut, Washer and Galvanized Anchor Bolt
  • Galvanized Sag Rod
  • Fastener/Pop Rivet for roof and wall
  • Bracing Components: Rod, Hillside and Coupling Washer
  • Angles/Clips/Plates: for universal purposes
  • Foam closure for type “S” panel
  • Foam Gasket for modified panel profile
  • PVC Pipe and Accessories
  • Stainless Steel Roof Curb for roof
  • Sealant for roof and wall panels: Flowable Mastic, Bead Mastic
  • Insulation and Accessories
  • Paint/Touch-up paint for main frames and panels
    Building Components & Accessories

    Building Components & Accessories

  • Trims as per Standard and Customer’s Profile
  • Identical building/identified member of built-up
  • Power Ventilator
  • Bird Screen/Insect Screen; Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
  • Pipe Flashing

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